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아기는 돌아오고 있다

13eyond your imagination!

Hello,My dear:
Annyeong, Meliissa-Yoori-Shella inmida! (:

Meliissa: Main owner, from Iceland & 16 years
You can call me Seul-gi/mel depends on you!(:
LOOOVE SJ/F.T. Island/Wonder Girls/k-pop in general! ^^
Fave members: Lee Sungmin ♥ ; Lee Hongki ♥ FEW more (if that we call a BUNCH! ;D) ;; Nice to meet you!! ^^
Kim Yoori: Annyeong everyone ^^
I'm Yoori Kim,one of the co-owner of this LJ acct. Will turn 13 this April 7th and I'm from Malaysia. Favs would be Eunhae,they're a WIN for me!!! Anyway hope I could make many friends here ne!! Pangasumnida!! :)

MiYun: Annyeong~ From Canada. I'm almost 13 ^^;;. Miyun, or Shella is alright with me. I'm a total k-popper + ulzzang freak~. Nice to meet youuu~~

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